Introducing the All-New, Full-Option Lexus RX: Redefining Luxury in Jordan


Are you ready to experience the ultimate fusion of performance, style and comfort? Markazia Lexus has launched the much-anticipated fifth generation of the iconic Lexus RX in Jordan, and it’s everything luxury-minded customers have been waiting for.

Campaigned under the slogan 'Don't Compromise', the all-new, full-option Lexus RX beckons car enthusiasts to embark on extraordinary journeys and create cherished memories, without compromising on the specs they value most. With a car price in Jordan of JOD 82,000, the midsized, five-seat luxury crossover is geared towards the tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious buyer who prioritizes fuel economy, a serene cabin, quality materials and a comfortable ride.



Let's delve into what makes the all-new, full-option Lexus RX an automotive masterpiece: 

The Heart of the All-New Lexus RX


Beneath the sleek and stylish exterior of the all-new, full-option Lexus RX lies a powerful and efficient engine.

  1. 2.5L Hybrid Engine: The Lexus RX is equipped with a 2.5L hybrid engine that delivers an impressive 247 HP @6000 RPM for a thrilling driving journey.

  2. Robust Torque: Alongside its impressive horsepower, the Lexus RX boasts a robust torque of 239 N.M @ 4400 RPM, lending you the power to conquer any terrain with ease. 

  3. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Capability: The Lexus RX is equipped with AWD capability, allowing you to tackle diverse terrains with confidence and control.

  4. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): The Lexus RX features a seamless CVT, which provides smooth and efficient power delivery and a responsive driving experience. 

  5. Exceptional Fuel Efficiency: The Lexus RX is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. This ensures that you don’t compromise on impressive power, while still being considerate of the environment.

Elegance Redefined with the All-New, Full-Option Lexus RX


The Lexus RX transcends the ordinary, delivering a design that commands attention on every road. Melding modernity with refinement, its exterior boasts a sleeker silhouette, accentuated by sharper, horizontally-oriented triple LED headlights and complemented by premium 21-inch metallic alloy wheels.

Inside the opulent yet functional cabin, a host of features that redefine comfort and convenience await. Enjoy the tactile sensation of the woody steering wheel with controls under your fingertips, while both driver and passenger find comfort in semi-aniline leather power seats equipped with memory for a touch of personalized lavishness.

As the panoramic sunroof opens to breathtaking views above, stay connected with the advanced 14-inch touchscreen multimedia system, compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, as well as a wireless charger to keep your devices powered on the go.

With ample cargo space to accommodate larger loads and the convenience of the power back door with kick sensor, the Lexus RX sets new standards for luxury crossovers.



Ensuring Unrivaled Safety and Cutting-Edge Technology with the All-New, Full-Option Lexus RX


When it comes to automotive safety, Lexus stands out as a true pioneer. This legacy shines through in the Lexus Safety System+, a comprehensive suite of safety features that serve as testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to passenger and pedestrian protection. With features like 12 airbags, Anti-Lock Braking System, Vehicle Stability Control and Pre-Collision System, the Lexus RX provides a heightened sense of security on every journey.

Lexus's prowess extends beyond safety, as it continues to push tech boundaries to to add an extra layer of luxury to your driving experience. Fitted with innovations like Advanced Parking Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Panoramic View Monitor, Lane Tracing Assist, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Braking, the Lexus RX harmoniously converges safety and technology.



Driving the All-New, Full-Option Lexus RX with Assured Confidence:


Throughout the 'Don't Compromise' campaign, Markazia Lexus is offering customers an exceptional warranty and butler services. This comprehensive package includes the following:

  • A seven-year or 150,000 km warranty on the hybrid battery (whichever occurs first).

  •  A four-year or 100,000 km vehicle warranty (whichever comes first).

  •  Four-year Butler Services encompassing annual licensing, registration and maintenance services.

Lexus enthusiasts can now visit the Markazia Lexus showroom on Mecca Street to experience the amazing features and unparalleled elegance of this coveted model. Learn more about the all-new, full-option Lexus RX and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts to explore the latest Lexus cars available in Jordan.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there a new Lexus RX coming out?

    Yes, the Lexus RX 2024 model continues to build upon the exceptional refinement initially introduced with the fifth-generation Lexus RX 2023. Taking into consideration valuable customer feedback, the 2024 Lexus RX further elevates the range of technology and convenience features designed to enhance both the driving dynamics and the overall in-cabin experience. Learn more about the upcoming model here.

  2. What makes Lexus a luxury brand?

    The birth of the Lexus car is attributed to Toyota's desire to create a luxury car that could effectively rival top American and European car manufacturers. Since its launch in 1989, Lexus has become synonymous with opulence, thanks to its unwavering dedication to detail, use of premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship at the hands of adept artisans and a relentless pursuit of advanced technology and innovation. Together, these elements have consistently ensured that Lexus drivers undergo an inimitable luxurious, safe and enjoyable driving experience.


  3. What Lexus RX 2023 colors are available in Jordan?

    You can choose from a range of elegant colors, including White Pearl, Black,  Sonic Titanium, Olive Dark Green and Cloudburst Gray.