Spare Parts

If I ordered spare parts that are not available in your stock, how long does it take to reach Jordan?

Spare Parts order lead time is effected by many external factors. _x000D_ These include; Whether or not the parts are available at manufacturers warehouses and_x000D_ are ready to be shipped upon order. Accordingly, 3 month lead time  is required from _x000D_order date to delivery via sea freight (shipping method) & 21 days via air freight. _x000D_ If items are not available at manufacturers warehouse, then production_x000D_ lead time must be taken into account.

Can I order parts that are not available in your stock?

Our Logistics teams are constantly working to enhance_x000D_ thes availability of spare parts, whereas our fulfillment rate is currently_x000D_ at 99.6% on all customer orders. In case your desired spare parts are unavailable_x000D_ in stock, our spare parts department can process your orders_x000D_ using various shipping methods. 

How can I check the availability of a spare part in branches?

Kindly reach out to us via phone, email or visit us at any of our branches. 

Do you offer genuine Toyota accessories for my vehicle?

Yes, a variety of genuine accessories are available for_x000D_ each model. Imports of accessories are based on customer demand and orders. 

Where can I find your spare parts branches?

Our branches are located in Bayader, Wadi Al Remam,_x000D_  Zarqa, Irbid and Marka. Our Sweileh branch will also be opening soon.

Do you offer spare parts for vehicle models that Markazia do not provide?

Yez. However, availability might not be guaranteed at first for newer models.


Do you have USED vehicles for sell?

Yes we do , for more information about the availability of preowned vehicles, kindly contact our showroom at 06-5508080

Can I trade-in a vehicle?

Yes we do accept trade in's.

What are the additional services available?

Additionally, we offer financial solutions, nano ceramic services and service contracts. 

Do I need to book a test drive appointment?

Preferably, kindly contact our showroom or contact us at 06-5508080 to book your test drive.

Do you offer car's insurance services?

Yes we do if desired by customer, for more information contact 0790041730

How can I know the prices?

Kindly visit our showroom or contact us at 06-5508080


What is the Oil mileage for Lexus Oil?

Oil Milage depends on your vehicles: Engine, Driving Condition & Oil Grade.

Do you have a mobile workshop service?

Yes, our mobile service center is available by booking your appointment with our Marka Service Center 

Where are your service centers located?

We currently have 3 service centers; Toyota Service Center - Marka Toyota Service Center - Bayadir Lexus Service Center- Bayadir

The fuel consumption on my vehicle is not what I expected; what can I do?

Kindly book an appointment to visit our service center.

Can I see the vehicle maintenance history report?

During your visit to our service center you can request from our service advisors to provide you with maintenance report

How Can I book an appointment?

Kindly contact us on 065508080 to book your service appointment 

Do I have to book an appointment for the periodic maintenance?

Prebooked appointment is preferred in order to receive best service 


Can I order a vehicle with customized specifications?

Kindly visit our showroom and our sales team willl assist you with your request if doable.

How can I know the available vehicles and models?

You can check our website, www.lexus.com.jo, or visit our showroom so that our sales team can assist you with any inquiries or requests


Do you offer internal financing without bank's intermediations?

No. CTA has suspended In-house Financing since 15/03/2020.


How long will the factory warranty last?

Toyota: 3 years or 100000 km whichever comes first. Lexus: 4 years or 100000 km whichever comes first.

What is a safety recall?

It is a procedure announced by the manufacturing company through its distributors to ensure customer safety and vehicle efficiency. 

Is my vehicle warranty transferable between owners?

Yes it is  as long as the warranty period is still valid. Regardless who is the owner.

How do I know if my vehicle has a recall?

Register your vehicles identification number in the following portal www.markazia.com.jo then our call center staff will contact you and inform you about any affected campaigns for your car.

What does a warranty cover?

Warranties cover a failure in any part due to manufacturer defects except parts replaced during periodical maintenance.