History of Lexus: The Pursuit of Amazing Experiences



Experience Amazing: The Lexus Brand Evolution

Embarking on a journey of excellence since 1989, Lexus - the luxury division of Toyota Motor Corporation - has undergone a remarkable brand evolution, transforming into a powerhouse in auto design, technology, and market presence.

From the onset, Toyota’s mission was crystal clear - to birth a luxury vehicle that would rival the best that the U.S. and Europe had to offer. Year after year, each new model from Lexus firmly established the brand as a distinguished automaker striving for customers to ‘experience amazing’. As Lexus expanded its lineup, a commitment unfolded not only to high performance, refinement, and versatility, but also to exquisite craftsmanship, top-notch safety, pioneering technology, fuel efficiency, and decarbonization.

Over 35 years, Lexus grew its market presence worldwide, captivating customers with its unmatched offerings, as evidenced by the achievements marked in 2023. During last year, Lexus attained record global sales, reaching 824,258 units, a 32% surge from the previous year. This exceptional growth was primarily driven by robust demand in Japan, Europe and North America. The Middle East market also witnessed outstanding performance, with a 160% rise in unit sales compared to 2022 - highlighting Lexus’ ability to captivate and enthrall diverse audiences across the globe.

Looking ahead, Lexus maintains a relentless focus on cutting-edge innovation, distinctive designs, unparalleled safety, and supreme comfort, with a clear vision for becoming an electric brand by 2035 in response to the mounting demand for eco-conscious vehicles. 



Milestones in Motion: The Lexus Timeline

Explore the milestones, innovations, and strategic moves that have shaped Lexus into the pioneer it is today:

A significant milestone unfolded in the automotive world as Toyota broadened its horizons with the luxury brand ‘Lexus’, meant to compete with the world’s best. The name was chosen to represent luxury and advanced technology, and with the introduction of the Lexus LS 400 and ES 250, Lexus showcased a commitment to excellence and unprecedented quality and value standards.

Lexus made its debut in the European market with the LS 400, while enhancing its offerings in the U.S. by launching the ES luxury sedan as its second model.

Lexus launched the SC 400 coupé, the all-new ES 300 and the SC 300 and SC 300 sport coupés.

The new Lexus GS 300 luxury sports sedan debuted in Europe during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Lexus introduced the second-generation LS 400, becoming the first production car to incorporate a collapsible steering column designed to absorb primary and secondary impacts during a collision.

The Lexus  LX 450 and the all-new ES 300 went on sale, offering luxury and performance to discerning customers.

Lexus revealed a redesigned LS 400, showcasing the innovative VVT-I technology that transformed the driving experience with its efficiency and high-performance capabilities. The next-generation GS 400 and GS 300 luxury performance sedans also hit the market.

The introduction of the RX 300 created an entirely new market segment - the luxury SUV. Simultaneously, the European-specific LS 400 made history as the first car worldwide to feature satellite navigation as a standard feature. During this period, Lexus launched the Lexus LX 470 luxury SUV, while the brand’s monthly sales surpassed all luxury competitors, marking a groundbreaking feat for any international automaker and demonstrating its widespread appeal and success.

Lexus unveiled the IS 200 compact sports sedan; the brand’s first model specifically crafted for the European market.

Lexus became the first import luxury brand to exceed 20,000 vehicle sales in a single month.

Lexus received its first JD Power & Associates gold award in the UK, as well as expanded its European model range to include five cars with the introduction of the SC 430 coupé-convertible.


The Lexus IS sedan attained an impressive customer satisfaction index of 86% in Germany, the highest score among all cars listed in the JD Power survey. Meanwhile, the LF-S, Lexus’ first Future concept vehicle, was unveiled in Tokyo, offering a glimpse into a new design philosophy.

An all-new Lexus RX 300 was introduced, boasting technological features such as air suspension, intelligent Adaptive Front Lighting, an automatic tailgate and Park Assist in its second-generation model. Moreover, Lexus revealed the LF-X concept vehicle and announced that the RX 330 would be the first Lexus model to be manufactured outside Japan in North America.

The Lexus RX 400h was also introduced - the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV with a distinguished Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain, achieving fuel consumption and emission levels comparable to those of a smaller, compact vehicle.


Lexus debuted in its home market, Japan, quickly garnering success. The application of Lexus’ L-finesse design philosophy to production vehicles was momentous, notably seen in the second-generation IS and third-generation GS sedans. Additionally, Lexus introduced the world’s first luxury hybrid vehicle, the RX 400h - while the third-generation GS 300 and GS 430 and the all-new IS 250 and IS 350 sport sedans hit the market.

Lexus introduced the fourth generation of its flagship sedan, the LS 460, boasting the world’s first eight-speed automatic transmission. The brand also made strides in hybrid innovation, releasing its second hybrid offering, the GS 450h. As the industry’s first luxury hybrid sports sedan, it set a precedent for environmentally conscious luxury vehicles.

The LS 460 secured the prestigious title of ‘World Car of the Year 2007’. Meanwhile, the new IS F, the first Lexus F-marque car, debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in Europe.  Having served as the exclusive distributor of Toyota in Jordan since 1999, Markazia secured the exclusive distribution rights for Lexus, enabling the company to introduce the esteemed luxury brand to the local market.


The all-new LX 570 became available for purchase, and the IS F sedan - tailored for high-performance enthusiasts - was introduced.

Coinciding with its 20th anniversary, Lexus introduced the all-new RX 350 and RX 450h luxury utility vehicles, along with the all-new IS 350C and IS 250C hard-top convertibles. It also introduced the HS 250h, the world’s first hybrid-only luxury vehicle.

The Geneva Motor Show witnessed the debut of the CT 200h, a premium compact hybrid by Lexus.

The Lexus LFA supercar was unveiled, characterized by its lightweight, balanced, powerful and thrilling driving experience.

Lexus showcased the LF-LC concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where it earned the title of best concept car at the annual EyesOn Design Awards. During the same year, the redesigned LS made its world premiere, revealing the first-ever LS 460 F-SPORT, and the sixth generation ES 350 and the first-ever ES 300h hybrid sedan were released.


In addition to revealing the 12 talented winners of the first Lexus Design Award, Lexus ranked highest among luxury brands in JD Power and Associates’ Customer Satisfaction Index. It also secured the top spot for the second consecutive year in JD Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study, underscoring its commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Lexus unveiled the NX compact crossover, the RC Coupé and the RC F high-performance coupé.

Lexus launched the fourth generation RX and deployed the intelligent and intuitive Lexus Safety System+, a package of advanced active safety features crafted to prevent accidents and mitigate collision consequences.

Lexus revealed the production model of the LF-LC, known as the Lexus LC
Lexus pioneered the Multi-Stage Hybrid System for the LC 500h coupé and LS 500h flagship sedan, a next-generation drivetrain technology tailored for high-performance vehicles.

Lexus infused the all-new LS with Japanese ‘Takumi’ craft forms.

Drawing inspiration from the design elements of the LS flagship sedan and LC luxury coupé, the ES executive sedan debuted in Western and Central Europe. Concurrently, Lexus launched the UX 250h and ES 300h, featuring the fourth-generation Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid powertrain, and premiered the UX compact luxury crossover at the Geneva Motor Show. Lexus also ventured beyond the realm of automobiles with the LY 650 Luxury Yacht.


Lexus presented its vision of future electrification through the LF-30 Electrified Concept. 
Lexus celebrated the sale of its 10-millionth vehicle, serving as a testament to its enduring presence and success within the automotive industry.

Lexus revealed the DIRECT 4 next-generation electric drive control technology, as well as celebrated the 10th anniversary of the LFA supercar.

Lexus announced an ambitious plan to exclusively sell Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) globally by 2035 and in Western Europe, the U.S. and China by 2030. Lexus also introduced the second generation NX, which featured Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid, the NX 450h+, establishing new benchmarks in terms of range and efficiency within its segment. Moreover, the all-new LX flagship SUV premiered, boasting comprehensive enhancements in off-road and on-road performance. Meanwhile, the LC Convertible was named Best Luxury Car of 2021 in the Women’s World Car of the Year awards.

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