Lexus RX: Explore the Latest Specs of the Luxury Crossover


The 2024 Lexus RX crossover continues to evolve in terms of exceptional performance, style, and luxury,  further enhancing its technologies and features in response to customer feedback, elevating both the driving and in-cabin experiences to brand-new heights.

The Lexus RX beckons enthusiasts to embark on memorable journeys without compromising their most cherished features. Tailored for the tech-savvy and environmentally conscious buyer who refuses to settle, this midsize luxury crossover prioritizes fuel efficiency, a serene cabin, premium materials and a luxurious ride.

The all-new   Lexus RX, available at its official distributor in Jordan, Markazia , is revered as an automotive example of excellence for numerous reasons. Boasting exceptional resale value, this model ensures that your investment holds its worth over time. Markazia Lexus goes above and beyond with premium after-sales services, prioritizing customer satisfaction through personalized care and car maintenance at the largest center in Bayader, as well as at another in Marka. Diverse trading options make transitioning between your current vehicle and the  Lexus RX seamless, while comprehensive manufacturer warranties cover both the vehicle and hybrid battery, providing peace of mind against unexpected repairs. With genuine spare parts at competitive prices offered at five Markazia centers across Jordan, owning a Lexus RX becomes a truly luxurious experience.

Performance Excellence: Unveiling the Power of the Lexus RX 

The offers an impressive array of performance features, anchored by its 2.5L hybrid engine delivering a dynamic 247 HP @6000 RPM. Complementing this potency is a sturdy torque of 239 N.M @ 4300-4500 RPM , providing effortless prowess across diverse terrains. With its all-wheel drive (AWD) capability, the Lexus RX inspires confidence and mastery, rendering seamless journeys across varied landscapes. Its continuously variable transmission (CVT) further elevates the driving experience with its smooth power delivery and responsive handling. Furthermore, the vehicle emphasizes exceptional fuel efficiency while maintaining remarkable power output, making it a conscientious choice for discerning drivers.

Meanwhile, the Lexus RX 500h (F-SPORT) converges power and precision for an unparalleled driving experience. With a turbocharged 2.4-liter engine, six-speed automatic transmission and dual electric motors, this hybrid marvel delivers a whopping 366 HP @ 6000 RPM and 460 N.M torque @2000-3000 RPM, ensuring fast acceleration and enhanced performance.

A Symphony of Luxury: Discovering the Refined Elegance of the Lexus RX

Experience the transformative essence of the Lexus RX crossover, where every elegant and understated detail is meticulously crafted to captivate and convenience. Embracing the next-generation Lexus design that commands attention, the model’s exterior exudes sophistication with a sleek silhouette that evokes power and grace, accentuated by a signature spindle, sharper, horizontally oriented triple LED headlights and premium 21-inch metallic alloy wheels.

Stepping into the luxurious yet driver-focused interior, comfort and convenience redefine expectations. Revel in the tactile feel of the woody steering wheel, while indulging in semi-aniline leather power seats with memory function for personalized relaxation.

Enjoy a highly functional interior meticulously designed to connect the driver to the vehicle, with features placed right where you need them to keep your focus on the road. Stay connected with the advanced 14-inch touchscreen multimedia system, compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ - complemented by a wireless charger to ensure your devices stay powered on the move.

Step into an interior where integrated technology triumphs. The Lexus Interface allows you to tailor your multimedia experience and effortlessly access next-generation features, such as the Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound system, which provides stage-like, full-bodied, balanced tones to every passenger, regardless of their seating position.

The 2024 Lexus RX also harnesses the cutting-edge Global Architecture platform, known as GA-K, engineered to ensure Lexus vehicles have an ideal weight distribution and a lower center of gravity, resulting in unparalleled performance and superb handling.

Moreover, the GA-K platform extends the front-to-back wheelbase, offering rear passengers ample legroom to relax and stretch comfortably during journeys. With generous cargo space, a power back door with a kick sensor and a lowered trim to reduce loading height, the Lexus RX elevates the benchmark for luxury crossovers, promising an unparalleled driving experience.



Innovations in Safety and Technology: Elevating the Driving Experience with the Lexus RX

Leveraging its legacy of innovation, Lexus unveils the pinnacle of automotive safety and cutting-edge technology in the all-new Lexus RX crossover, ensuring unparalleled protection for both passengers and pedestrians. These include:

  •  Lexus Safety System+ 3.0.
  • 12 airbags.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System.
  •  Vehicle Stability Control
  • Pre-Collision System.

Moreover, Lexus RX continues to set a new standard for safety and sophistication on the using state-of-the-art innovations, such as: 

  • Advanced Parking Assist.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control. 
  • Panoramic View Monitor.
  • Lane Tracing Assist. 
  • Blind Spot Monitor.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Braking.


Discover the Lexus RX crossover and immerse yourself in its exceptional offerings at the Markazia Lexus showroom on Mecca Street. You can also schedule a test drive by filling out this form.

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